Blog #14

Today, I am having my own pace in this quarantine. I study, I learn more things, and help my body fight the negativities in life. So I’ve decided to make a ‘time capsule’ blog and will published it automatically on 2030.

The reasons are simple. First, I don’t know how the future will turn the tables down and make the people at peace after the pandemic (COVID-19 ). I don’t know when will the fights of people in social media be finish and the problems in their own country that must be solve for the future’s peace and healthy environment. Lastly, I don’t know if my plans will goes on 10 years from now because only God have the plans for my life to give hope and peace for me and the world.

Blog #13

Before the September starts, I planned what I should be doing this month but I messed it up again. I can’t follow the way I want to do things fast and easy. Like I want to review Science, Math, and advance studying in Practical Research 2. And at the same time I can handle my free tutorial in reading.

Sadly that I have limited things I can do in a day. Time was so fast. And by the day of October 5 marks our first day of online class. Although, I spend most of my time watching anime and can’t even study because of being engrossed to every anime piqued my interest.

Blog #12

Lots of things happened within this month, August. I supposedly reviewing but I got a toothache and a painful one. It made me stopped to focus on studying and give me sufficient time to rest. Weeks passed and taking medicines helped me lessen the pain.

I took my quarantine days to have an opportunity to teach someone who doesn’t have some basic knowledge about reading and writing. I am now teaching for free for my 3rd cousin relative. Although, things may go difficult because I need to go back and forth from my house to other house. Of course, wearing a mask is a must and washing our hands daily.

Blog #11

Maybe when I am the one who needs help only a few people can hear it.

Me, thinking negative

All these things about g-cash to send help are not really my things but I am so sad that when I posted about needing money because we are broke and needed for school financial, no one dare to take a glance on it.

I am really grateful that I’ve got some when I just directly message the people who’d give me some. Nevertheless, posting my needs in public was no good for me.


I wish that I am rich and able to buy things that I truly needed now.

Mapapa-sana all na lang talaga pero tiyaga lang!

I will surely work hard no matter what. Depending on others are not really my thing but I’m tired waiting for help. I must do it myself— study hard and smart, be practical always, streetsmart, and always be thankful to God for the guidance and the blessings He had given me and the people around me.

Blog #10

So while I’m in a break in my reviewing session, Imma post another blog.

Supposedly I am needing money to pay my tuition fee but it’s really complicated to ask help in social media. Even so, I am grateful to the few people who genuinely give some. They are so kind because I didn’t ask for more, 1 peso is enough and big help for me. Nevertheless some give more than that.


While on quarantine, I also decided to resist meat, junk foods, and have light meal for now on. Sometime cheat day, ehem.

Just wanna share also that I feel so appreciated yesterday and I didn’t expect that my art work which was posted in a competion I joined, will gonna have tons of heart reacts! My online friends, the people I got to know through CETs group chats, were very supportive to mention more people to react in my posted art work. Also to my class section, they voluntary first to mention more people to react to the post. They are really so kind, kinikilig akoooo. For a long time, I forgot feeling like this. To have support is so love– I don’t know how to explain it but love!

Thank you so much, mga mamsh!

thank you

helloooo, we are really need in cash to pay my balance tuition fees in my highschool to get my diploma, now that I am incoming grade 12 graduate, to those who are kind enough to give some little money is a big blessing for me and for my parents😭❤🙏

g cash (peso) #09187625144


paypal (usd)

thank you so much for your kindness.❤

You can also comment below if you wanna have drawing requests that I might draw in exchange for your generosity❤

Examples of my works:

Blog #9

I don’t have enough sleep yesterday so I’ve decided to rest for a while today and get an early sleep tonight. Now that I’ve gained my motivation and now all set to my review journey. I had my own schedule for each day beforehand.

I don’t know the specific subjects that may come out in the actual examination day but I hope this review session of mine would help me to learn more things.

Must focus!!! °∆°